From toning to cardio to getting race ready, we make it possible to train no matter what the week throws at you, anywhere and at any time.  Our mission is to make you fall in love with fitness, or to reach the next level in your health and sport achievements.  We understand there no one-size-fits-all policy when it comes to fitness, as such, we offer bespoke training and coaching services to the individual or group. 


Led By

  • Marco Dittrich


Fitness Training

We offer the following training: Mass Building, Cardio Workout, Strength Training & Weight Loss


Running Training

Whatever your race is, we offer race training for individuals or groups in the weeks and months leading up to your run


Cycling Training

If you want to improve your cycling (both speed and endurance), or are preparing for a cycling race, we can help you.


Swim Training

We offer swim coaching for adults of all ages. From absolute beginners to high level athletes we can tailor a suitable program to reach your goals.



  • Craig Slattery, Individual

    Balancing a sporting, healthy lifestyle amongst the time-pressures of a regional Multi-National corporate career had always been a personal challenge that I struggled with for many years -continuous travel, working across wide-ranging time zones and business development lunches all take their toll on the goal to improved health.


    With the continued help from Marco and his customised Fit2Go training methodology I was able to ‘find’ the time within my busy schedule to build upon my fitness which then drove enhanced energy levels, the desire to improve upon myself and endurance goals that I had originally thought would never be possible -My fitness has developed from feeling puffed climbing some stairs to happily tramping steep mountain trails in far-flung National Parks to completing multiple multisport endurance racing events!

  • Enrico Varella, Enrico Varella & Associates: Leadership Consultant, 21-time Ironman triathlon finisher, twice-Boston Marathon finisher

    ‘Marco is an engineer by training and profession. He also knows how to engineer the sportsperson’s mind and body. As sure as he is with his hands in mechanical matters, he is fully hands-on with sports science. An active and competitive athlete, he is generous with his tacit knowledge and wisdom. He knows how to coax the most battle-hardened elite athlete as he does when encouraging the neophyte. I train with him, and he is a machine – relentless, focused, but also mindful that sports need not always be about hard work, but also enjoying the fitness for other pursuits in life.  I would wholeheartedly recommend him as your personal coach for fitness conditioning as well as training for a triathlon.’

  • Tee Boon Teong, Individual

    As an ‘aging’ endurance athlete, maintaining muscle mass, core strength and body flexibility is paramount to an injury-free season plus a podium or two on good days J. I can attribute my current physical condition – though not all that great but ‘good enough’ for a hard day at the office before beer-o-clock thanks to Marco’s training regime. In the years that Marco has supported my physical conditioning, I have managed to complete two brutal Norseman Extreme Triathlons. His key contribution was in the swimming discipline (core and shoulder strengthening) resulting in me shaving off 2 hours from my total race time in my second attempt. No mean feat. Along with numerous other full distance Ironman finishes, I have managed to even podium during the recent Dalat Victory Challenge MTB stage race, finishing 2nd overall in my ‘uncle’ category. Yup, I still have the legs, and the engine!