• Marco Dittrich


I am an NCSF Certified Personal Training based in Singapore with a broad and deep career of sports spanning 40 years. My friends have said that I am living example of the corporate athlete.

Having been diagnosed with spinal scoliosis at a young age, I was determined to avoid any form of surgical procedure and instead concentrated on strengthening my core muscles and improving my overall stamina to maintain overall body-health. This fitness journey has lead me to winning several podium places in Germany’s state swimming championships, playing senior-level handball and taking part in a number of international triathlons (including the Ironman70.3 World Championships).

My personal journey to overcome life’s obstacles has made me a highly self-motivated person; driven by persistence, determination, and commitment to purpose. It is these qualities that I want to share and help you on your own fitness journey.

I will help you integrate your fitness and health goals into your lifestyle by taking a scientific and intuitive approach towards coaching you -No matter whether you are taking the first steps towards a healthier you, are a weekend warrior or a competitive athlete I know how to get you to your performance goals.